Discover Colorado's Hidden Million Dollar Hot Springs

Discover Colorado's Hidden Million Dollar Hot Springs

Over the last year or so I've recieved hundreds of messages asking how to find this hot springs . At first, I didn’t understand why so many people were asking me for the location since I was so easily able to google and find it myself when I went in 2019. When I finally decided to look for the location myself again, I wasn’t able to find anything anywhere online.

I think everyone deserves the opportunity to experience Colorado’s natural beauties and I want to share it with you. In order to keep these places beautiful though, we have a duty to keep them safe and take care of them. Before visiting, please check out The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Recreation principles HERE for Colorado's outdoor ethics and tips on how to preserve our wildlife.

You cannot spot the hot springs from the highway. In fact, you cannot really spot it at all until you’re right next to it. The short 600 ft hike does not look like it is going anywhere but once you smell the sulfur and see running water know you are close.


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